Saturday, 13 June 2015

Shabby Bluesday and an Introduction

Why, hello there!  Tuesday in the South was one of those indecisive start of summer days, where the temperatures are just starting to creep into those golden twenties, but the threat of wind and rain is still prevalent.  These days always throw a cheeky spanner in the works (of my wardrobe).  Having spent my first year of university repeatedly telling myself 'I'm going to start a blog tomorrow' whilst at the uni bar with my head on the table and my hand clutching my 7th double gin and tonic, I'm hoping that since coming home for summer (and away from the 'bottle-of-wine-a-day-is-healthy' drinking culture) I will have a much better chance of actually beginning.  And what better day to begin than, well, what has now become a Saturday evening... damn those time management skills that have dropped off the face of the earth since handing in my assessments.


Jeans - Urban Outfitters Renewal / Sunglasses + Top - Primark / Shoes - F+F
Shirt + Bag - Vintage / Bralette - Urban Outfitters

I've recently been getting so much wear out of these slouchy boyfriend-fit jeans from the Urban Renewal section at UO.  They mark the epitome of shabby chic, which is all the rage for the practical minded lady who wants to be both comfy and stylish (I'm lying, I'm just a slob at heart). Plus, they really help solve the sweaty crotch in skinny jeans vs. chilly legs in skirt problem of the season - the denim is thick enough that you won't be cold, but at the same time, the fit means they don't sit too close to the skin and make you all hot and bothered.  Yay!

I also love a good sheer top with a bralette underneath as another way to avoid looking like a permanent resident of sweatsville - from what I can remember this white top from Primark only cost me around £4, an irresistible deal for a poor student with a love for what my boyfriend Josh would call 'see-through tops' (boys just don't understand).


 And so, having employed my little sister's limited photography skills, risked a bit of haphazard styling and then modelled in front of a rush-hour traffic roadside audience, I believe this marks the birth of my blog - Another Ruby Tuesday.  How exciting!!  Be sure to watch this space, I've got a long summer ahead... 

Ruby x