Wednesday, 15 July 2015

(New) Old Looking Things

Bag - TK Maxx / Cardigan and Top - Vintage / Jeans - River Island (Sale!!!)
Flatforms - Topshop (Sale!!!)

Hey, hello and hi from me, currently wrapped in my duvet like one big puffy slug - now isn't that a mental image for you all to enjoy.  I spent my whole weekend washing dishes for a very unreasonable wage, and hence believed I earned myself a new pair of delicious shoes and fabulous jeans, even though I'm supposed to be saving to pay my extortionate rent for my second year of uni (but that's too sensible and boring).  And luckily (questionable) enough, I've been asked last minute to work again tomorrow, washing dishes, all day.  So I can earn more money to spend on ridiculous things that were in fashion 20 years ago...  

I got these jeans yesterday in the River Island sale, and it was love at first try.  Having searched them up online however for this post, I am slightly confused by the fact that mine have a rip in one of the knees and the pair on the website don't.  I'll just have to presume I'm lucky.  Or that my right knee cap is so razor sharp it managed to stealthily cut through the denim without me noticing...unlikely, but possible.  I've been unsure about styling this top, my biggest bargain of the outfit, which I first introduced in this post so I'm really glad I've finally found some good jeans to go with it.  And these flatforms - well I am just enamored.  Topshop's sales never fail to disappoint me, particularly in the shoe department, and I love these because they're straight out of the 90s, one of my favourite decades for fashion.  Plus, they're only £22 in the sale - you're welcome.

I'm hoping that tomorrow goes a bit better at my incredibly glamorous dish-washing job - on Sunday I had a little mishap while trying to work out how to use the pressure sprayer at a sensible angle, and managed to cover my entire face, neck and hair in mustard mayonnaise - considering my slightly irrational but utterly immobilising fear of that particular condiment, I'm sure you can all understand it was a traumatic experience.  Wish me luck!

Ruby x