Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Six Sun-sations/Mini Reviews

Aloha from a rather overcast South-coast England in perfect timing for this post (ha ha).  Every few months I get sent through advantage card vouchers from Boots, generally things like 'spend £25 and get 250 points' or even more tempting 'spend £35 pounds and get 350 points'.  To some, this may seem like a cunning scheme to make you spend more money, and that, my friends, is exactly right.  Unfortunately I am one of the many victims of these voucher schemes, and decided one sunny day last week that I definitely needed to pick up a few summery bits and pieces, plus there were great offers on suncream, plus I had to use my vouchers.  Obviously.

I've put together six sunny essentials with some of the things I got from Boots as well as a few other items I've picked up.


Number one

 I'd been on the lookout for a new facial moisturiser, and having not tried La Roche Posay before I thought I'd give one of theirs a go - the Effaclar Duo [+]  (if anyone can enlighten me as to what Effaclar means, please do), and so far I love it!  It's a perfect day cream: really moisturising but also very lightweight which is great for hot sticky days when you don't want to be lathering thick layers of cream onto your face.  The consistency is almost gel-like, and the fact that it's non-comedogenic means it's great for people with spot-prone skin (I'm unfortunately the Queen of that category).  It's quite mattifying too, so also works well as a make-up base if you've got oily or combination skin. 

Number two

Another summer essential for me is lip balm - ever since I bought my first EOS lip balm last year it's pretty much become my religion.  Perhaps a slight over-exaggeration, but it is really rather good.  This one, 'Aloha Hawaii Strawberry' came in a limited edition three pack with two other flavours, one grapefruit and one orange, I believe.  If you haven't tried the EOS lip balms I cannot recommend them enough, they're quite inexpensive now too and last forever!

Number three

You might recognise these babies from my last post.  New Look is a shop I never tended to go into when I was younger, but in the past year or so it's really grown on me (plus there is a massive two floor New Look only 10 minutes from my house - a little too convenient to resist).  I got these round framed retro tinted sunglasses for only £5.39 with student discount; an absolute bargain.  I'm a strong believer that you can never have too many sunglasses and these are my current favourites.

Number four

I am so, so in love with this smell at the moment - philosophy's appropriately named 'falling in love'.  For me, some perfumes bring back such good memories and this is one of them.  When I was fourteen or fifteen I found a box of this in the Home Sense toiletry department, and after one whiff I was totally sold.  It's rather a sad love story, because I actually smashed that original bottle only a month into the relationship, while running for the school bus with my sister/simultaneously trying to douse myself in its beautiful scent/discovering that actually I'm really shit at such advanced multitasking and it could only end in tears.  Luckily though I got another bottle for christmas, and so 5 years later I've been reunited.  The perfume is described as a 'sparkling berry scent' with jasmine, vanilla and blackberry - a delectable summer essential. 

Number five

I've always loved dark browns and purples for nail varnish, and this gorgeous one from Rococo in Brown Button is my go-to at the moment.  I got it from Space NK when they had a summer sale last year, and although I had never tried the brand before, I trusted in the reputation of its supplier (and the 75% off was also a good persuader) and purchased a few different shades.  This is probably my favourite - the formula of the varnish is great, really thick (you only really need one coat!) and so shiny.  I won't lie, their 'chip factor' isn't fantastic, but to be honest, I'm yet to find a nail varnish that will last more than a few days without chipping.  It's probably just a factor of my incredibly exciting and action-packed lifestyle...

Number six

And last, but most definitely not least - in fact, probably the most important thing in the sun - suncream!  I love the smell of the Hawaiian tropics stuff, it's like summer in a bottle.  Plus, these are on 50% off in-store at Boots at the moment, meaning these were only £6.50 each!  I bought one dry oil spray and one satin protection lotion, both in convenient spray bottles to compare the two.  I was hoping that the dry oil would be true to its word, but I have to say it is still quite a greasy option for sun protection.  However, the lotion is great, it's very lightweight and sinks into your skin quickly.  Plus you'll smell like you've been bathing in cocoa butter - who doesn't want to smell like a nutty chocolate bar while they're sunbathing?!

So, that brings me (finally) to a close - what are your summer essentials?

Ruby x