Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Glasto Blog

Hey hey!  So, you are probably all well aware that last weekend was Glastonbury festival - since I've come back it's all I've heard about on the radio or the TV (not that I'm complaining, because it means I get to soothe my festival blues by reliving some of my favourite moments).  This year was my 4th time at the festival, and every year for me has got better and better, possibly as I've got older and my alcohol tolerance has increased...even more so after this weekend!

I went to the festival with my two sisters and my parents as well as my Dad's friend Shane - we were all lucky enough to be working as part of a volunteer team for one of the backstage catering companies, the med kitchen.  The med kitchen team manage to seamlessly pull off fantastic meals for crew and artists of the John Peel stage (my personal favourites were a chicken thai green curry with noodles and prawn crackers or a mexican feast of chilli, rice, cheese, nachos, guacamole, sour cream...oh and it goes on!) while working in a tent in the middle of a field - amazing.  We worked one shift a day serving or preparing food, washing up etc. and then got a free ticket as part of the deal.  More perks for us (and probably pivotal factors for my parents) included hot showers, half-decent toilets and segregated camping, so our festival experience was undoubtedly a little more luxurious than your regular punters. 

Enough gloating from me now, here are some snaps I took.

My sister Laura and I shared this rather petite 'two man' tent (lucky we're both midgets, there's no way two men would fit in this bat cave), which my parents used while they were travelling when they were younger.  Laura's birthday was on the kick-off day of Glasto, the Friday, and this photo is from the morning of her birthday after her first (and my second) slightly fitful night of sleep.  Being a hayfever sufferer, waking up every morning after sleeping in a field seemed to cause my eyes to shrink to the size of a hamsters, but luckily I brought so much hayfever medicine with me after dosing up my eyes soon returned to normal (see below).  It's safe to say Friday night was a bit of a mental one for the both of us - I had to sift through a fair few very questionable photos to pick out the best of the bunch from Friday night.

We saw quite a few acts on Friday, some of my favourites were Jamie XX, Ben Pearce, Wilkinson and Rudimental... after all the main stages closed we headed to Block 9.  It looks like a big abandoned block of flats from the outside, with a car crashed into the middle, but inside is a huge room with even bigger bass frequencies and plenty of lasers for good measure.  Our night ended around 6am, as we stumbled back towards John Peel and our tent, coated in mud and exhausted. 

Saturday was a little more calm: we spent a bit of time in the morning feeling sorry for ourselves and drinking lots of tea, before heading out to explore the circus fields.  We saw some interesting performances including a load of people dressed up as elderly gangster women riding mobility scooters that were blasting out hardcore rap.  In the evening, after some dinner, we were feeling much better and ventured out with Shane and Dad as well as two other girls we were working with to catch a little bit of Gorgon City, Kanye and then the show at Arcadia.  Annie Mac played a great set at Arcadia too, and after that we all went down to Shangri La and Block 9 again.

And by Sunday, we were all pretty pooped!  We caught a bit of Alt-J on the Pyramid stage before packing up our stuff, and heading to the car in the sweltering heat of a gorgeous evening.  We were so lucky with the weather, really, only a couple of showers the whole weekend!  I was glad I brought my wellies in the end though, although I was horrified on Sunday morning to wake up to find mine stolen after leaving them outside my tent...  I soon found out the culprit was my own Mother, who had 'borrowed' them to trek all the way to the Healing Fields to hear the Dalai Llama speak. 

All in all though, I had another great weekend.  For anyone who hasn't been to Glastonbury, I can't recommend it enough.  There's so much there, for all ages, and even if you are not that into music, there's endless other things to enjoy like the Circus and Theatre fields, the Kidz field, the Greenfields... all I can say is, go!  You won't regret it.  Thanks for reading guys, was a bit of a hefty one today.  I'll be back soon with more,

Ruby x