Monday, 3 August 2015

Amarillo in Pego

Judging by my last few blog posts, it would appear I have developed some kind of addiction to wearing yellow.  Maybe it´s the heat getting to me, making me want to actually be the sun as well as just lie in it...

This yellow shirt was another by-chance bargain (I´ve been very lucky recently) from a charity shop in a town near me.  I was drawn to it straight away by the colour, and tried it on in spite of it´s size 18 label.  The woman running the shop that day promptly escorted me to the till to buy it about 3 seconds later, and that was the end of that!  Luckily, I do love it, but beware of very enthusiastic charity shop assistants - or just ones who are damn good at making money for charity.  

As for the bralette, I picked that little beauty up in the January Topshop sale.  I´m always a bit wary of wearing just a bralette in England, but on holiday, I feel like anything goes...including slightly inappropriate amounts of midriff, according to my Mother - so I paired it with high waisted shorts to add a little more family friendly coverage and also hide the beer belly that inevitably begins to emerge on holiday.  

Yesterday we went to Benidorm, which was fabulous of course!  I´ve visited Benidorm quite a few times before for the day, and it´s always a really fun day out.  We had the first day of intense sunshine too, which was actually slightly shocking after the overcast and cooler days we´ve had so far.  I don´t know what we expected really, it is Spain.

Ruby x

Sunglasses - French Connection / Bralette - Topshop / Shorts - Warehouse 
Shirt - Charity Shop / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Trainers - Adidas