Saturday, 1 August 2015

The First Day, The First Disaster And The First Dress

Buenos días from the Costa Blanca, daahlings..!  Blogging is something that, up until very recently, I had always naïvely presumed to be an unendingly glamorous pastime, which may well be true as long as you have a reliable internet source – I spent much of Thursday trudging glumly from bar to coffee shop to supermarket in sweltering heat on a desperate hunt for Wi-Fi, but to no avail.

So yes, it is undoubtedly quite a struggle to bring this first holiday blog post to your screen, that is, if it ever arrives at all (please Gods of Internet).  Thursday was the first full day of fifteen away with my parents and two sisters, and in true Kane holiday style, things did not get off to a smooth start.  Having woken up early, lathered myself in sun-cream and donned my bikini and most fabulous sunglasses, I had been all set for a day of sunbathing…so obviously there was a mahoosive thunderstorm.  Which hasn’t calmed since we got here.  And that was only the first disaster… 

Instead of letting the storm (literally) rain on my parade, I suggested a trip to a nearby shopping centre.  However, my excitement at the thought of shopping was evidently a little too much for the wine rack placed precariously by the door.  I managed to nudge said wine rack (in which was nestled a big ol’ bottle of Merlot), just enough to cause the bottle to explode against the wall, pouring red wine down all four of the pristine white villa walls and sending shards of glass down the stairs.  You can imagine my reaction… and my poor family’s (‘Why did we bring this clumsy buffoon on holiday with us!!!?’).

An hour later, with cleaning products strewn across the disaster zone, we headed out to the town in search of white paint and rollers, giving me a chance to take my new H&M bargain for a spin.  

Dress - H&M / Sandals - Topshop / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses -  French Connection

I for one am very partial to H&M’s sales – in my local store they are always challenging, with clothes strewn all over the floor, handbags mixed in with the underwear, it’s pure anarchy.  But bargains like this one are the reason I venture into the sale rails at all.  At only £5 who could say no! 

  In the evening we walked to the nearest village for some tapas, including a rather interesting looking squid... I say no more.

Ruby x