Friday, 25 September 2015

Khaki Krazy

Good evening and happy Friday.  I never thought there was such a thing as an unhappy Friday, until this day, when I remembered I'm a university student and that means I have to study.  The past few days have been a constant battle for me between my ever-mounting reading lists and the trying to overcome the effects of the night before's wine drinking which makes it difficult for me to actually even see the words.  Only the good Lord knows how I'm writing this, really!  

I'm hoping that now I'm back in a big city, I'll have plenty of interesting places to awkwardly pose in front of a camera, all in the name of, ahem, fashion.  What's also great is that one of my housemates is great at photography, has a fabulously complicated camera and was happy to stand out in the street with me for twenty minutes taking pictures and simultaneously dodging cars (it's a dangerous business, blogging).

Being back at university for me equals being back in the warm cuddly arms of casual-wear all day, every day.  September's temperamental weather has made it a bit of a challenge this week, but yesterday was nice enough to get a final bit of wear out of one of my favourite purchases of the summer, these Zara sandals.  I finally tracked down a pair of these beauties in my size while in Spain, having seen them in the sale in not two, not three but four different stores (yes, I did actually go to four different Zaras in order to find a pair in my size.  I don't give up easily!).  The chase was so worth it too, because these sandals have proven to be very versatile - they go with jeans as well as shorts, dresses, playsuits and pretty much anything else under the sun.  

Hoops - Primark / Black Top - New Look / Khaki Jersey & Bag - Vintage 
Jeans - Topshop Joni / Sandals - Zara (similar here or here)/ Watch - Daniel Wellington

The bag was a fabulous find a few days ago - only £3.99 thanks to the British Heart Foundation.  Bags like this are great because they're the perfect size to fit all my shit in, without loads of extra space, which generally makes me want to fill it up with around 8-12 very unnecessary items.  I love a black accessory as much as the next girl, and I thought the texture was really nice for adding a bit of pizazz to a simple outfit like this one.  

That's it from me, for now.  Have a great weekend and I'll be back soon, don't you worry.

Ruby x