Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Unboxing and First Try: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Good morning, world! Today I wanted to get my beauty hat back on as there's a couple of items I've purchased recently which I thought might be quite good to review. I always love reading reviews done by bloggers because they are often written in an informal and impartial style, which I am far more likely to trust even if they are sponsored products.

I have been looking for a new eyebrow product for a little while now. When I first started tending to mine I used to use the Elf Eyebrow Kit which was great to begin with, I then started using an ashy brown shade (I believe it was Omega by MAC) for a little while, but found I couldn't get precise enough using just a shadow. I tried a pencil liner once more after hearing Sammi from The Beauty Crush (google her if you don't know!) talk about the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil - and she's right, this is a great product, but in my heart, I knew I really wanted to return to using a cream/gel formula.

So last month I ordered a Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown. This is the first item I've purchased from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and one I ordered from Beauty Bay (find the product here) instead of the official website to avoid extortionate postage and packaging from the US. Now, I'm going to be honest, I found this product is not the easiest to use - it requires quite a steady hand and delicate touch as well as a lot of precision as the colour is quite heavy. A few days on, I'm getting the hang of it more, but on my first try my brows did end up a little Hagrid-esque (you'll see what I mean in a minute!). I've taken photos of my eyebrows before and after to try and show how the product can be used.

I do like quite a full brow look but even for me, this was a little bit scary. Although I love the formula of the product, it does just kind of glide on, which means you have to be really careful when applying - it does definitely take a few days to get used to! I would also advise using a hard angled brush, for example MAC 263 - I've found this brush to be the best for application.

Another important thing to note, particularly in relation to using a brush like this is that I've found it better to use less product on the top of the brush fibres but more on the sides so it catches in the brows as it is worked in. I use a small amount of the product at a time, working it through by using a light hand to sweep the brush in the direction of hair growth. Once applied, the product is great: matte but very amplifying, and doesn't budge for the whole day - some people have even stated it's waterproof. For me, then, this is what I believe will become my staple brow product. Getting used to the texture and formula does take a little while, but I've noticed even in the past few days each time I'm getting better, my brows are looking more natural, and staying on all day too?! The product is only £15 from Beauty Bay for a big ol' pot of what I can only describe as joy. Make sure you read the description as it gives a breakdown of the different shades available and what hair colours they suit. And let me know your thoughts if you do try it! As always, thanks so much for reading.

Ruby x