Sunday, 18 October 2015

Confessions of a Poundland Addict: Episode One

Hey everyone and happy Sunday.  I never quite know what to do with myself on a Sunday; there's always that inescapable end-of-the-weekend-got-to-prepare-myself-for-another-working-week feeling... do you know what I mean?  I have basically spent the whole of today in, on, or around my bed doing my course reading and drinking tea in about equal measurements.  The highlight of my day would probably have to be my trip to Co-Op earlier, where I bought some wholemeal pitta breads, orange juice and salt 'n' vinegar flavour Fish and Chips shaped 'baked snack biscuits' - yeah they're a real thing.  Just to top off my extreme-loser day then, I thought I would write a blog post on my quite possibly all-consuming new addiction: Pound Stores. 

Every city's got one, and even worse for me, Brighton has five.  Every week I can't help but just 'pop-in' to have a look at what gems are on offer this time... and the problem is, when you think about it, everything's kind of on offer because it's all so bloody cheap!  Anyway, this week I thought I might share three of my slightly more unlikely Poundland finds - nail varnishes!  Not just any old nail varnishes either, but Revlon's 'colorstay' ones, which I already have a couple of and love wholeheartedly owing to their big user-friendly brushes and thick shiny formula.  So of course, it more than made sense to get these: it almost felt like my fate.   

There were quite a few shades on offer but these three in particular took my eye.  I love a good nude and both 'Buttercup' and 'Bare Bones' to me are perfectly slight variations of a basic neutral.  I am yet to try Buttercup (the excitement is killing me, too) but I must confess Bare Bones is undoubtedly going to be my favourite autumn shade (see last picture).  It's a slightly muted, taupe-y shade, yet has a lovely glossy finish that so far has lasted me days - this is unheard of from someone who works in retail.  Indigo night is summed up by its name: a gorgeous deep blue that will definitely see me through winter.  And that brings me to a close with my confessions for this week - what do you think?  Has anyone else ever picked up bizarre branded bargains from Poundland, 99p stores or similar?  I would love to know I'm not the only one guilty of loving a bargain possibly a little too much.

Ruby x

PS - This week I also wrote a post for Promenade magazine's blog on 5 ways to beautify your uni bedroom without breaking the bank - if you need some inspiration or would just like to have a snoop around my bedroom, you can read the post here.