Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Styling Culottes

Well hi!  It's been too long... and I have a  million and one excuses which I'm not going to bore you with right here and now...  let's just say I have a to-do-list longer than my legs which never gets completed.  Though I am so glad I have finally got round to writing a post!

I've been so good at not spending too much money while I'm at uni, but as soon as I go home, as I did this weekend, BAM! - there are sale signs in every window.  Plus, with Unidays' irresistible 20% off discounts, I convinced myself that a few particular items were very much necessary, these culottes being one of those items.  They're my biggest bargain so far this month though - drumroll please - at only £5!  That's why H&M gets me even more excited than Poundland (big statement, I know).  

Earrings - Primark / Jacket - Vintage / Top - Topshop / Culottes - H&M 
Trainers - Adidas / Bag - Urban Outfitters 

I think culottes can be a tricky one to style, so I, of course, made it even more of a challenge by then buying a pair in animal print.  This is how I would style these kind of culottes day to day though, with something of tighter fit on top, casual trainers or sandals and a jacket.  I love culottes because they are so comfy it feels a bit like wearing caramel, but they also work really well as evening wear, too, for example with a rather snazzy pair of wood and suede shoes.  I found the perfect pair of the aforementioned shoes while rifling through the New Look Premium footwear range sale only minutes after leaving H&M... blog post to follow.  

Basically, if you're UK based and have a weakness for sale shopping, stay away from New Look and H&M.  You have been warned - don't even leave the house.

Ruby x 

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