Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What I got this week in Aldi for UNDER TEN POUNDS!

Hello!  First of all, you'll have to forgive my oh-so-basic photography for this post...there's only so many ways you can jazz up what is essentially poor student food on a poor student table in a poor student house.  I hope you appreciate my use of our house plant to try and detract from the poorly plastered walls and the mouldy window sill (too much information? - I thought so). 

This week I wanted to talk about something particularly close to my heart - food.  Since moving out, it's been a constant battle for me between wanting to continue to spend all of my money on shoes, nail polish and handbags but also wanting to eat fresh, delicious and nutritious things.  It wasn't until I became a student that I realised the actual cost of these aforementioned things - damn expensive.  Therefore, the moment I discovered Aldi, my whole gloomy (daily diet of super-noodles) outlook changed completely.  

I am proud to present then, my shopping for this week from Aldi... I didn't do a massive shop, but stocked up on a few bits and pieces I needed for the week.

1) 6 pack of salad tomatoes - 59p
2) Unsweetened soya milk - 59p  (so much cheaper than Alpro, tastes just as good)
3) Boil in the bag rice, 4 sachets (approx. 8 servings) - 59p (so quick and easy even I can do it)
4) Fat free natural yoghurt 500ml - 45p (no sugar, no rubbish, just plain old cheap and cheerful yog. - perfecto for breakfast)
5) Lemon and ginger teabags - 89p (thought I'd treat myself to these this week, in a conscious effort to cut down the amount of caffeinated bevvies I've been drinking) 

6) Box of cosmetic tissues - 69p (I like to always keep a box of tissues in my room for cleaning makeup brushes, blowing my nose, you get my drift... and these ones are cheaper and better quality than Poundland's!)
7) Large flat mushrooms - 75p (I love using mushrooms to bulk out stir fries, stews or simply for roasting in the oven on their own) 
8) Leeks - 79p (bargainous)
9) Exotic Forest Berry and Nut mix - 59p (a mix of almonds, brazils, goji berries and sunflower seeds.  There are a few other varieties - I chop them up and mix them with oats for porridge or muesli with pizazz)
10) Smooth Orange Juice -  59p

11) Spinach, 450g - £1.39 (my only item over the £1 mark but I love that green leafy shit too much to say no - and I want to be strong like Popeye too, of course)
12) Large avocado -  89p (another favourite of mine, also green)
13) 3 pack of bananas - 39p 
14) Best of British apples selection pack (4 apples) - 69p 

And that, my dear friends, all made a grand total of £9.88.  Now, if that's not savvy shopping, I don't know what is - nothing honestly gives me more satisfaction than doing a good, healthy and wholesome food shop which doesn't almost give me a heart attack when it comes to paying the total sum.  Now that I'm back at uni I will probably start doing more posts like this, on ways to eat well without spending too many pennies.  Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see more similar things including recipe ideas or more weekly shops/bargains of the week by leaving a comment below.  Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up!
Ruby x