Thursday, 12 November 2015

Instagram Pic(k)s of the Season

Buena noches!  Tonight I wanted to write something a little different, so I thought I'd try doing an Instagram based post, talking about a few different pictures from the past 6 weeks or so (if you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me with the link at the top of my blog, or search my username: @anotherrubytuesday).  Looking at these photos has been a bit of a shock to the system - I feel like an old person when I say this, but I can't believe how much time has flown!  The bottom right photo is from almost two months ago, and believe it or not was taken in a coffee shop of all places.  Josh and I discovered it while walking into town from my house, if I remember correctly it's called The Coffee House and it's on London Road in Brighton - if you happen to be in the area make sure to check it out as its a really quirky place!  Equally good for coffee or an alcoholic beverage if that's what tickles your fancy is The White Rabbit in The Laines (bottom centre).  I love the outdoor area here, as I really can't resist bunting, plus, the mood lighting is fabulous.  It's quite a lot busier on the weekends but I'm pretty sure when I took that photo it was a Monday or Tuesday (you know what they say, glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away).  

Speaking of beverages, I've also been loving my new mug (middle right) which Fleur, my best friend from sixth form, gave me for my birthday.  I think you know a true friend when she gets you a mug that manages to sum up perfectly my life's motto: 'Whatever Forever'.  I'm pretty sure I took this a day or two after our ever so slightly manic Halloween/Birthday party, which my housemates and I dubbed 'Ruby's Bloody Bday' - comic geniuses, I know.  It's safe to say our back yard is still covered with the glittery traces of that night (see picture middle left).  I must say, turning 20 was actually surprisingly painless compared to my expectations.  I thought that not being a teenager any more was going to be just horrible and serious and boring.  Considering I spent the evening watching Enchanted with my housemates and doing Disney karaoke off YouTube I have strong reason to believe I was wrong - I think I'll always be my 8 year old self at heart.  

On my birthday (top right) I lost my Gourmet Burger Kitchen virginity.  Oh sweet Lord, that place is nirvana.  I remember my burger being some utopian combination of beef, bacon, pesto, cheese and avocado (obviously doused in ketchup as it is me), and all I can say is if you haven't been, you must, MUST go.  It was so nice to catch up with my sisters and parents that day too.  The picture in the top centre is from Josh's birthday.  He turned 22 last week and we celebrated by going for a massive Indian the night before at Planet India in Brighton which is equally amazing (writing this has made me come to the frightening realisation that my life does indeed revolve around food).  On his actual birthday we popped back to his home to see his family where we baked a 5-star coffee and walnut cake and I also did my washing... I'm such a predictable student.  We went out to Walkabout in the evening, a great bar/club hybrid at the bottom of North Street, before falling into bed around 1am, realising we are in fact old and can't stay out late drinking any more.  

What's everyone else been up to recently?  I feel very dishonest writing this blog post, as I've actually been spending 90% of my time for the past 3 weeks writing essays, but nobody wants to hear about that shit.  Tomorrow I'm off to Manchester so expect to see some posts about 'up north' coming from me very soon.  

Ruby x