Saturday, 7 November 2015

Lips of the Month: Shroom

It's a Saturday evening and I'm sitting in my bed feeling pretty bloody sorry for myself after last night's antics and my consequent lack of essay progress today.  I'm off to Manchester on Thursday morning, coincidentally the same day as the deadline for a piece of my media coursework... only a true optimist would book to get on a train that leaves before the deadline for a piece of work... or am I just a complete and utter fool?!  Either way, I haven't made it any easier for myself by gaining a reputation as probably the most enthusiastic drinker of far too strong gin and tonics that Ring of Fire has ever seen.  On the plus side, I did get to wear out my new favourite lip colour last night - it's a new one!

Having recently had my birthday, I was lucky enough to get one of the Lime Crime Velvetines from my lovely sisters.  On the website this product is described as 'liquid-to-matte lipstick', and I couldn't say it better myself.  The applicator is a kind of triangular sponge stuck onto the end of a wand, exactly the same deal as you get with your standard year-8 lipgloss.  I was surprised, but I actually really like using this kind of applicator for lip colour: strangely enough, I found it to have more precision than a traditional lipstick, especially when you've only got around 25 seconds allocated from your morning makeup routine for lip colour application.  

I'm not going to lie, the formula does take some getting used to, and I wouldn't exactly call it moisturizing.  However, the results are so much more pleasing than other matte lip colours I've tried which make my lips look, well, dry (for example, Honey Love by MAC - I know, I almost cried).  Despite a little bit of inevitable almost-at-Winter lip chapping, this product really does give a smooth finish when used with a little bit of lip balm underneath.  I love the colour, too: I got it in the shade 'Shroom', as I love a good '90s brown shade almost as much as I love my dear mother (but not quite, don't worry Mum!).   

I took these last two photos in natural daylight to try and show the colour best, but unfortunately the weather recently has meant there isn't actually too much daylight to be had at all... see above for a photo with my bedroom light on. 

All in all, after trying this Velvetine, it is with great joy I can say that I do believe there is hope for anyone who, like me, has struggled before with matte lip colours and their horrible habit of drying out lips.  This is a great alternative, comes in many a snazzy shade, and can I just take a moment to appreciate the box it arrived in (you'll have to scroll back up to the top to remind yourself, but trust me, it's worth it)... that's probably at least half of the postage and packaging cost, but it's oh-so-Instagram worthy.  

Ruby x