Thursday, 19 November 2015

Manchester Part 2: Hangover Day, Christmas Market and Crazy Pedros' Nacho Libre Pizza

On Friday night, Emily took me on my first Manchester night out with a couple of her housemates, one of our old friends from home who also studies in the city, and his housemate.  We may've been a small group, but my God we hit it hard; you should've seen me on the dancefloor.  There's a funny picture of us uploaded by the club's photographer that went on Facebook a couple of days ago.  At first, we all look normal, look a bit closer, and you can see I've got my phone stuffed down the waistband of my leggings and my shirt tucked into my pants.  That's one for my future employers to admire, of course.  

After our escapade on Friday night, neither me nor Emily were in any position to get out of bed a minute earlier than 3pm... so that's what we did.  Saturday's weather was pretty atrocious, with more rain and wind than you can shake a stick at, so I didn't feel too bad about staying in bed that late (heck, if I can't be honest here, I can't be honest anywhere).  

And as many will know, where there is a hangover, there is always that insatiable, alcohol-fuelled appetite that craves all the carbs it can lay its eyes on.  Admittedly, we had to wait a few hours for our stomach's to settle (too much information?!) but then headed down to a place called Fallow which is only 5 minutes from Em and served us up some once-in-a-lifetime sweet potato fries and a platter of falafel, hummus, warm pitas, tzatziki, piri piri relish and garlic mayo.  As a girl who doesn't even like mayonnaise, in fact, really hates it, this made no difference.  The monster was within me, and the food was too bloody good to leave even a crumb behind.  Guys, if you're in Manchester and hungover, you should go, right now.  They've even got this lovely little heated seating area outside so you can gaze out over the balcony and stare romantically at the urban city skyline. 

Once we'd made it back from Fallow, feeling considerably better, we got ready to head off to the Christmas Market with one of Emily's housemates, Lara.  In a way, we were really lucky that we managed to catch it at all, as it was the first day it was opening - but in another way, I was a little more than narked about the consistent rain.  I mean full on, hold on to your hats rain, nothing for a £3 Primark umbrella to contend with.  So we kind of speed walked through the Christmas market - obviously, though, I stopped to take a picture of the one store which really caught my eye (hint: it's below, and yes, it's edible). 

After tactically speed-purchasing a faux fur headband to keep my ears warm, we headed off to somewhere Lara had recommended for drinks and a bite, and that was Crazy Pedros.  This place was just my cup of tea - it was nice and warm, for starters, and they had this big old tent out the back full of lights and a stage for the bands that were on that evening.  Everything is pretty laid back here: we ordered our 'Nacho Libre' Pizza at the bar as well as some drinks, before sitting down on a picnic-style bench in the big tent and watching some local original talent, by which we were all impressed. 


And I can now assure you, the pizza at Crazy Pedros is second to none.  This certainly soaked up whatever was left of my hunger, as the base is thick and the toppings are lavish.  One pizza between the three of us was even a bit of a struggle - just warning you.  We decided to head back soon after that, deciding on an early night before getting up tomorrow to jump on my train home.  And that's sadly where it all ends!  I would love to go back, as there seems to be so much to do and see there, one weekend is definitely not enough.  Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post on what I picked up at the Vintage Kilo Sale while in Manchester.  Thanks for reading guys!

Ruby x