Friday, 27 November 2015

November Favourites

November can be one of those months which seems to never end... with Christmas still a considerable while away, the weather getting colder, the days getting shorter, money disappearing down the drain... well, it can be a little depressing.  This month I've discovered exactly how it feels to have to pay for your own heating (horrible), and my housemates and I have taken to wearing our dressing gowns 24/7 both inside and outside the house, including to our local Co-Op on our most recent 'quick-we-need-junk-food' trip (last night, of course).  

This month I've been loving a few different bits and pieces I got for my birthday/bought for myself as a late birthday present (that's allowed, right?).  The first thing are these amazing stick on nails I got from Primark.  For only £1, you too can have fabulously garish finger accessories - trust me, when it comes to conversation starters, these are a winner.  While I was in Manchester I had pink ones with pop art style pineapples on, unfortunately I managed to lose a few during the weekend's antics (you can read about those here and here), but luckily, Primark had me covered, with 24 various shaped nails in each pack to see me through my various drunken nail mishaps.  

I've also been loving the Lime Crime Velvetine lip colour that my lovely sisters got me for my birthday (read my full post about that here).  In my opinion, a strong brown lip colour never goes awry, especially as the winter months begin to descend - this one is long lasting and ultra-matte, but nowhere near as drying as I've found other matte lipsticks to be (I've shed many a bitter tear for MAC's Honey Love and Velvet Teddy, believe me).  

Equally, the beauty blenders that Josh got me for my birthday have been an absolute game-changer for my make-up routine.  I am so late to the party for this one, but if you haven't already been converted, these are well worth the investment.  I was previously using MAC's 187 duo fibre brush for my foundation, and although the brush was a nightmare with shedding, I couldn't justify splashing out for another without a really good reason.  Luckily enough, I didn't have to find that reason as these were bought for me.  Mine came in a double pack which is perfect for someone like me who is incredibly lazy with washing makeup tools.  The blender itself is so easy to use, and gives a flawless, airbrush like, no-trace application, which is what really gives it the edge over using a brush.   

Another thing I can't get enough of at the moment is my new phone case.  I was kindly given a voucher by a company called GoCustomized who make personalised phone and tablet cases.  There's quite a bit of range of the different types of cases you can choose from on the website, but I wanted a wallet case like this one that I could keep things like my ID, bus and debit card safely in.  Plus, it means I don't have to worry about my screen getting scratched by all the random debri that sits at the bottom of my handbag.  It was a bit of a task choosing what photo exactly to put on the front but I settled for one I'd scanned in of me and my sisters on the beach years and years ago - this photo makes me so happy.  The case itself is really good quality and it's really nice being able to design your own iPhone 6 case.  I think £19.99 is quite affordable, too, especially considering it's far more robust than your average plastic back case.  

Finally, I couldn't help but include this Lancome christmas gift set I bought (for myself, obviously).  Although my recent trial of the Guerlain Cils d'Enfer, (see my review here) was successful, I've come to the realisation that most likely nothing can push the Lancome Hypnose Drama off my top spot.  Around Christmas time in Boots they do it in a gift set for the same price as the mascara on its own (£22.50), so I thought it'd just be rude not to get this.  The kohl pencil is soft and easy to work with, and the eye makeup remover literally melts away even the thickest of eyeliner.  My only qualm would be that this makeup remover is oil-based, which means you are left with rather slick and shiny eyelids.  But as long as you don't mind that, it's great.  

What kind of things have you guys been loving this month?  

Ruby x