Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Human Christmas Tree

Good evening glorious people.  I was originally supposed to post this on Christmas Eve's Eve, but I got confused while drinking wine and now it's 1 minute past midnight... so it's Happy Christmas Eve wishes from me!  I'm currently in Ireland with a considerable amount of my Irish side of the family, we'll be spending the next week or so here to celebrate Christmas shortly followed by a family wedding.  All in all, there'll be vast and probably slightly overwhelming amounts of merriment to be had and I can't wait. 

Last night things kicked off with a bite-sized bang; we arrived into Knock airport just before 3 and by 6 were in the Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo for a session of Prosecco with some of the ladies of the bridal party and a bite to eat before exploring the town a little more.  We had a few more drinks at the Glasshouse before moving onto a bar called the Garravogue, right on the river in the town, which was a bit livelier, and had a great cocktail called a Mango Masher, which was utterly delicious and far too easy to drink.  Me and my sister Laura headed back pretty early as we were wiped out from travelling during the day and not sleeping much the night before.  Luckily we got a decent amount of shuteye which meant we got to potter around the town for a bit this afternoon. 

Today's outfit was slightly more festive for me - not to the extent that I felt compelled to join the Christmas jumper craze that seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment (has anyone else noticed it?!), but the effort was definitely there with this slightly more subtle form of Christmas jumper.  I like to call this one the Christmas Tree jumper as the fabric kind of reminds me of the pines on a Christmas Tree, just a lot less spiky.  I love pieces like this in winter, as a) they're incredibly warm, I find this is especially the case if they're synthetic! and b) are incredibly forgiving.  This one is basically a throw-it-on-over-anything, glossy, green, asymmetric sack.  Which is naturally the best combo for covering up the inevitable Christmas bloat.  

Top - Zara / Jumper - TK Maxx / Leather Leggings - Brave Soul
Boots - Office / Bag - Vintage  

So I paired my tree jumper with these leather look leggings from Brave Soul which I got in TK Maxx a couple of months back, and these great black boots from Office which I borrowed off my sister, Laura.  I find with outfits like these sometimes it's best to keep it really simple with colours and try experimenting a bit more with textures instead.  It also means you can get away with enough accessories to put Missy Elliott to shame.  

So far in Ireland the weather really hasn't been great, but I'm hoping for some brighter days to come so that I can get on my blog photo game - these photos are a little dark and gloomy, but I also feel like that may have better masked my post hen-night eye bags a little better.  Silver lining to every cloud and all that.  

Ruby x

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