Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Favourite Hot and Steamy Winter Breakfast: Sassy Porridge

Good morning! You're probably looking at the photo above right now and thinking 'bloody hell what is that half-eaten looking mess of a meal'.  Yes, this doesn't represent a particularly glamorous or photogenic breakfast, but it is one that is super cheap, quick and healthy, and will keep you powering through those chilly mornings.  What you are looking at, my dear friends, I like to call 'Sassy Porridge'.  

And all the ingredients are available from Aldi:

Okay, my raspberries were from Sainsbury's this time... I obviously thought I'd treat myself.  


Milk of choice - Soya, Almond, Rice, Cow, Goat etc. or keep it simple and use water
Porridge oats 
Fresh or frozen fruit - I like banana and frozen raspberries
Dried fruit and nuts - I get mixed pots from Aldi which are only 59p each(!)
Yoghurt of choice

Basically, this is the easiest and quickest breakfast ever, as long as you do a little preparation.  Find a big tub  or jar, and measure out enough oats to fill it around three quarters.  Then take all your dried fruit and nutty goodness and chop it roughly.  This bit is really satisfying. 

Then, chuck it all in together into your big container, adding a few spices if you fancy it (I really like cinammon so I put in a big ol' spoonful of that).  Then it comes to the part where you really do have to shake it to make it.

Once it's all scrambled up together, you've got your porridge base for the foreseeable future!  Told you it was easy!  To actually cook it, pour or spoon some into a bowl, add enough milk to almost cover your oats, throw in some frozen berries and pop in the microwave for around 1 and a half minutes on high - you might need to stir it half way through. 

It should then look something like this:

For finishing touches, I like to cover with a dollop of yoghurt, a chopped up banana and a touch more cinammon or mixed spice.  Voila!!!  Let me know what you think if you give it a go.  

Ruby x