Monday, 14 December 2015

The Perfect £4.50 Naked Palette Dupe

Good evening lovelies.  This evening I want to talk about a palette I have been trying out for the past month or so since I picked it up while in Manchester for the weekend.  It's the W7 'Lightly Toasted' eyeshadow palette, which I have found to be the perfect dupe for the original Naked palette.  

I think it's safe to say that the Naked palettes are indeed, beautiful, but sometimes it can be quite difficult to justify their less than student-friendly price tag.  Which is partly why I was so excited to discover this palette!  I've tried a couple of other dupes for Naked palettes in the past which have been around the same price tag, but have had nowhere near the same amount of pigmentation, shimmer and durability.  

The thing I also love about this palette is that it really is bank account friendly: at only £4.50 it's just a teeny bit more expensive than a Starbucks frappuccino and will last a million times longer.  Although the colours could be ever so slightly more pigmented in order to create more dramatic looks, for day to day wear plenty of the colours are great for creating a look with gorgeous creamy browns or a daytime smoky eye look.  

I've done a pretty horrendous job at swatching them (a rushed 8AM this morning kind of attempt) but hopefully this might give you a kind of idea of what to expect:

Some of the colours don't show up so well on my now completely sun-deprived skin but there are some really lovely and incredibly sheer lighter colours in the palette which are also great for highlighting brow bones and the inner corners of eyes.  Below I've included some snaps of a daytime look I really like to wear at the moment, using just shadows from this palette.

This brings me to my verdict.   I think this palette is the perfect alternative for those who love the look and shades of the Naked palettes but, like me, are not so keen on making the investment.  The colours are incredibly similar, if a little less pigmented, but I think this makes the palette almost more versatile, especially for more natural looks.  For me, it's a hands down winner.  Have you tried any Naked palette dupes?  Or do you think that Urban Decay is worth the investment?

Ruby x