Monday, 11 January 2016

January Favourites

Yet again, this post was supposed to go up yesterday.  Yet again, I'm in bed, eyes propped open with metaphorical matchsticks (also known as the bitter dregs of 14 cups of tea).  Having left all my revision as late as feasibly possible for an exam I have on Friday, today has been a little, err, labour intensive, to say the least.  Which is why I'm so glad I can now talk about my January Favourites, as opposed to imperialism and realism and naturalism and all the other literary isms that have been buzzing around in my brain all day.  

 First up, I feel like I should mention a little something that is very exciting and that is that on Saturday I'll be flying to Tokyo to spend just under two weeks there with Chiara, my housemate.  Her dad lives there so we'll stay with him and spend a few days exploring Tokyo first then travel for a week on the bullet train!  Much excitement.  So my first favourite of January has to be the Lonely Planet guides.  My parents, who I consider to be fairly well seasoned travellers, swear by these guides, and got me this one for christmas.  For anyone considering travelling, I cannot recommend them enough.  They give recommendations of accommodation, attractions, restaurants, bars, transport.  It's got something for everyone's budget and mine even includes a map - genius.  

I love a sale as much as the next girl, and I do have to admit that this year I really feel like I missed out (I haven't set foot in Topshop since last year, no joke).  However I did manage to make it to Boots on my way back to uni, and managed to snap up a few tasty bargains there from the leftover christmas stock.  One being this mini tube of Crabtree and Evelyn handcream.  It's the perfect handbag size, ultra moisturising and smells like a Spanish lemon grove.  And Hypnose Drama by Lancome had to be included, again.  It's just a bloody fabulous mascara.  Look at those bristles!

 Another thing I managed to get my mitts on from Boots was this fantastically cute and quirky makeup bag.  Because I am a strong believer that everyone needs a rabbit-mannequin-wearing-all-sorts-of-funky-human-clothes print makeup bag in their life.  This, if I remember correctly, was half price down to £7.  It's a great size for all my daily makeup, long enough for brushes too, and has a wipe-clean coated exterior.  

While I was in Ireland over Christmas I visited Penneys, which is (believe it or not!) the original Irish version of Primark.  I learnt some riveting stuff in Ireland, really.  Sometimes Primark really does have some gems, namely these Invisibobble dupes.  For only €1.50 I got about 12 of these which is so much ridiculously cheaper than the real Invisibobbles, especially when you buy them from Topshop.  I am a slave to Invisibobbles - I hate to say it, because it sounds incredibly trivial but they really revolutionized my life.  Okay, it's trivial.  But if you haven't tried these, you must!  They don't pull your hair at all unlike elasticated hair bands, which sometimes used to make me feel like I'd had some kind of face lift, and better still, they leave your hair almost completely kink-free!  For thick and fine hair types alike, for €1.50 (I expect they'd be around the £1 mark in the UK) you really can't go wrong and these do almost exactly the same job as the original Invisibobbles.

The final few things I've been loving this February have been Mac's Fix+ Finishing Spray, of which you can read my full review here (disclaimer: contains glittery eyeshadow), Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light foundation (full review to follow), and this faux fur handbag bag pom pom which I got from eBay.  This was only £3.95 plus 99p shipping, arrived super fast, and is actually of reasonable quality considering I paid under a fiver for it in total.  I love these as a great way to jazz up a black bag - and I have aLOT of black bags.  

For those of you who also have deadlines and exams around this time, all I can send is my sympathy - as I keep telling myself, it will be over, soon.  And there's a bottle of wine waiting for me at the end.

Ruby x