Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mac Fix+ Finishing Spray: Review

Whenever I fly anywhere, no matter what time of the day or night it is, I always seem to find myself at the Mac counter in Duty Free, gazing wistfully at the rows and rows of beautiful things, and being filled with a warm, happy feeling.  As I've grown up, Mac has slowly but surely taken the place of McDonald's, in constituting a gleaming beacon of hope and happiness for the tired and downtrodden traveller (me).   

While in Gatwick waiting for our flight to Ireland, I picked up the Fix+ finishing spray for £14 for 100ml - it is usually £17.  About a month or so before, I had visited the Mac store in Brighton with my housemate Chiara, who was on the lookout for a burnt orange toned shimmery pigment pot.  The lady who assisted us in finding a suitable shade also demonstrated to us how by using Fix+ you could really intensify the product.  I have to say, up-selling aside, she was bloody right!  I couldn't believe the difference, and hence, was unable to resist purchasing it.  

The product is described on Mac's website as: 

'A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application.' 

It works really well as a pre-makeup skin freshener as it's incredibly lightweight and hydrating, and comes out in a fine mist.  I have also found it to be a really nice way to finish off your makeup, as it softens harsh lines and really intensifies colours.  But my favourite way to use it, has been with eyeshadows.  Glittery ones, of course.

Unfortunately, revision and essay deadlines have meant that I am now basically nocturnal, and have been confined to my dark and dismal cave of a room - so these photos aren't the best, lighting-wise.  My apologies!  
I used Mac's Pressed Pigment in 'Enlightening' which is this beautiful silvery shimmery colour.  The below swatch shows where I've applied it without using Fix+, and above, with.  I sprayed my finger tip with the product, before coating it with pigment, giving this amazingly intensified, metallic effect.  Again, it's quite hard to tell with the lighting but it has an almost wet-look quality, and the colour noticeably has far more depth and shine.  

So for me, Fix+ is definitely an all-round winner - you can use it to freshen up your face, smooth out your makeup looks, and intensify eyeshadows - a triple threat.  Although it does prove itself to be an expensive bottle of what looks suspiciously like water, it's one of those products that once you try it, you can't imagine having gone without.  And it smells nice, too.

Ruby x