Thursday, 28 January 2016

Oh, Kimono!

I think this kimono is undoubtedly going to be one of my favourite pieces for Spring/Summer this year.  It's so strange because it's only in the past couple of years or so that I've really got into colours.  My wardrobe used to be almost entirely black, grey, white, occasionally a bit of denim... and then suddenly within the space of about 6 months it had made a dramatic transformation into - well, essentially the wardrobe form of Joseph's technicolour dreamcoat - without me even noticing.  

The colours in this kimono are really something, it made eyes at me from all the way over on the sale rail in Monki.  Of course, me being a bargain hunter (plus the whole rainbow-vision thing), I couldn't say no.  Also - this is a big also - it was only 1200 yen which is like £7... I've definitely found Monki to be a lot cheaper in Japan which is very exciting, so while I'm here I thought I'd make the most of it.  I also love this piece as it's one I feel you can really dress up or down.  It would look great with a pair of black pointy heels and leather leggings or equally great with a summer dress and sandals.  

Kimono - Monki / Top - New Look (old) / Jeans - Topshop Jamie
Belt - Dad's wardrobe / Shoes - TK Maxx

The other thing I am quite excited about are these little lace-up shoes.  I got these when I was in Ireland over Christmas from the TK Maxx store, for I think around €20, so another steal in my opinion.  I've been waiting for the weather to get a little bit warmer before wearing them, but it's actually pretty mild in Tokyo: it's been between 12 and 14 degrees the past couple of days which is amaaazing.  It's been a long time since I've bought some shoes as flat as these, though!  I don't tend to buy ballet pump style shoes as I'm incredibly heavy footed, so often the heartbreak of wearing holes into the bottom of my shoes within a matter of weeks just isn't worth it.  My Mum always used to tell me I could get my shoes re-heeled, which I did a couple of times, but they just weren't the same.  

 Having tracked down the kimono on ASOS, I've actually also noticed that the model in the picture is wearing it as a dress - I refuse to believe this should be worn as a dress (although it does look very nice).  First off, it would never have occurred to me to wear this as a dress because the only fastener is a tie at the waist belt, the same principle as a dressing gown, which I would not eagerly wear out in public, although it has been known to happen a few times.  What if there's a gust of wind and the  kimono flaps open?!  We've all been caught out at least once, but in my experience, the tie at the waist belt is a recipe for disaster.  So obviously it's not a dress.  The other slightly embarrassing thing about the whole ASOS model situation is that the kimono is actually only just knee length on her, yet on me, it's fast approaching the floor.  I'm going to say no more about that matter, except reassure myself that good things come in small packages.

Ruby x

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