Friday, 22 January 2016

Tokyo Bay

When I initially thought of Tokyo, I had pictured big skyscrapers, a sea of neon lights and lots and lots of sushi.  I was right, kind of, but I also missed one big thing: Tokyo is right by the sea.  On day 2 Chiara and I took a trip to Tokyo bay after visiting a market at Tsukiji to get some breakfast (I picked up something vaguely resembling California Rolls - except a lot fresher than the Co-op ones) to have a sit down and admire the view.  I was a sight to see as it was... me trying to use chopsticks in the first place is a bit of a joke, let alone wrestling with mammoth chunks of sushi and a strong coastal breeze.  Let's just say I got a few funny looks from the locals.  

Me being a savage sushi gobbler.

I got these culottes in a ridiculously large ASOS order I did just before Christmas when I was stressed about trying to find an outfit for my cousin's wedding.  Does anyone else do the same thing?  I seem to get into the most ridiculous panics about finding outfits for special occasions and before I know it I've placed a triple-digit, 17 item order.  Anyway, long story short, I didn't wear these to the wedding but at the same time couldn't bare to part with them.  I'm a sucker for culottes at the moment, and this colour is also my weakness. 

Faux Fur Coat - Beyond Retro / Top - Motel Rocks / Sunglasses - French Connection 
Culottes - ASOS / Trainers - Adidas

In an ideal world, I probably wouldn't have paired these trainers with the outfit.  I did even debate bringing some spare shoes with me for the less movement-orientated parts of our day trip, however, I quickly realized how ridiculous a thing that was to do (not to mention also grossly impractical when travelling with a relatively small handbag), and accepted that sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices. 

This top (now in the sale for only £10!) which I ordered off ASOS a while ago has proved itself to be an absolute dream.  Like a good friend, it's been there through thick and thin...  I'm lying again, I had plans for this top for my Christmas outfit which were completely and utterly foiled by all the run-up-to-Christmas/too-many mince-pies-and-mulled-wine bloating situation.  You know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, luckily Christmas is just enough in the past now that this top has been able to make a reappearance in my 'wearable' section of the wardrobe.  

Let me know what you guys think.  Lots of love,

Ruby x