Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light: Review

My foundation preference for the past five years or so has leant towards light coverage, dewy formulas that give my skin an even, natural tone but are still buildable for those bad-skin days or for nights out.  Until recently, my holy grail foundation was the Mac Studio Sculpt in NC20 for winter, and NC35 for summer.  However, having heard so much about Estee Lauder's Double Wear from Bloggers, Youtubers and fellow beauty fanatics, push finally came to shove and I decided it was time for a change.  

I take my hat off to Estée Lauder first of all, as they offer a free matching service at their counters as well as a take-away 9 day (if I remember correctly) sample of Double Wear.  Talk about enticing.  I chatted to the lady on the counter and got matched up for both Double Wear and Double Wear Light, and decided to trial the Double Wear Light in Intensity 1.0 and see how I got on with it.  I do much prefer lighter coverage foundations for my skin type, as I feel that trying to cover up things like acne, scarring, large pores etc. on my skin on a daily basis is fairly futile and very time consuming, and can result in the infamous cake-faced look that I sported so well in my early teens.  Now, I prefer to just wear a light layer of foundation that helps even out my skin tone and simply smooth over (like a kind of soft filter) those imperfections instead of trying to blot them out completely, to give a more natural look.  So, first things first, if you also prefer lightweight, sheer and natural looking foundations, the Light version is a great alternative to Double Wear.  The lady on the counter also said it's far easier to remove than Double Wear (which is famous for its durability), as well as lighter on the skin, and so may actually be better suited to acne-prone skin types than the original Double Wear.  

After the 9 days were up, I was totally sold.  I was absolutely in love with this new foundation which left my beloved Mac Studio Sculpt in the dust.  Even though it was a bit of a hike in terms of price, at £30 for 30ml, it was a purchase I could easily justify.  My only qualm would be that this product doesn't go quite as far as Mac's; it seems to sink into the skin a little more instead of just sitting on top of it, but I do also feel like the product is consequently more hydrating than Mac's, which didn't fare so well with my skin when it was dehydrated.  I like to apply the foundation with a damp beauty blender, over the top of Mac's Prep+Prime CC, on a normal day just applying one layer and for a special occasion, two.  I hope the photos below will give you an idea of coverage - it's incredibly light and dewy and really natural looking, I think - I'm wearing just the Mac CC Primer and Double Wear Light in these photos, which were taken in natural daylight.

For me, this product is totally worth the slightly nervous-making price tag.  Although expensive, it is so easy to apply and gives such a natural, glowing look, without making you look too 'made-up'.  It's an extremely buildable foundation, also making it incredibly versatile, and there's loads of shades, too.  Ultimately, for me, I can't see ever going back.  

Has anyone else tried Double Wear Light?  What do you guys think of it and how does it compare to other light coverage foundations you've tried?