Sunday, 14 February 2016

Rococo Nail Apparel Review

I've been using Rococo Nail Varnishes for a little while now, and having picked up not one, not two but seven new shades online in Space NK's January sale, I felt it'd be rude not to share the love that I have for these polishes.  Plus, they were £3 each, down from £12, so for a girl who can't resist a bargain, they make a very exciting find... read on and be prepared to keep your eyes PEELED next time you're browsing the site. 
Rococo Nail Varnish Organza Lady Lavender Jean Jeanie Blue

I'm a sucker for a good pastel, so this appropriately titled 'Lady Lavender' muted lilac hue was quickly added to my shopping basket, along with a beigey nude 'Organza', and the gorgeous iridescent 'Jean Jeanie'.

I also got another couple of pinky shades; 'Powder Puff' (top left) and 'Doll Face', as well as more of a teal shade 'Kitsch' and a brighter one, 'O.T.T.' (which, at this point, was exactly what it said on the label - what can I say, exam stress well and truly got to me this year).   

I love Rococo nail varnishes for a few different reasons.  Number one would have to be the colours - there is a great range and I find the colours definitely appeal to my particular taste in polish.  I also really like that you can get different finishes, each of which is named - for example the 'Creme' polishes are creamy, opaque and highly pigmented polishes which I find only take 1-2 coats, even for nudes, depending on the look you're going for.  I got mainly Creme formulas this time, but also a couple of 'Luxe' shades (Organza and Jean Jeanie), which have a more shimmery finish - see below for Jean Jeanie in action.  I'm also a big, big fan of the brushes.  They're quite long, and also reasonably wide which for me makes it so much easier to do my nails (I should've taken a picture really, I didn't realise how hard it was to describe a nail brush! You'll have to trust me on this one...).  I find the polish lasts 2-3 days totally chip free for me (using top coat, too) which is generally a miracle considering I'm quite a busy bee with work and uni and life in general, and after around 5-6 days I'll need a fresh coat.  But for me, this is pretty optimum!  The finish is lovely, especially with a top coat and I love that they are also fairly quick drying considering they're quite opaque formulas. 

Rococo Jean Jeanie Luxe

Rococo Nail Polish Review

And last but not least, the packaging is beautiful.  I think we all secretly love a bit of luxury, and just look at this packaging, which is probably half the price of the polish.  Each bottle comes individually boxed, and the lid of each can also double as a nail varnish rack/makeshift jenga block if you're feeling creative.  Has anyone else tried Rococo Nail Varnishes?  What did you think?

Ruby x