Monday, 7 March 2016

Get more for your money: Two skincare saviours that will last forever

Following on from my last skincare-related post where I reviewed a few slightly pricier products from the La Roche Posay range, I thought I'd now dedicate a little time to a couple of products that are a bit cheaper, and even better, seem to go on forever and ever.

We all go through times in our lives where sometimes we just want something that does exactly what it says on the tin/bottle/box, without parting with too much money at the same time.  These products are perfect for those who are looking for a quick and easy two-step cleansing and moisturising process that leaves you feeling clean and fresh as a daisy. 

 First up is this Garnier Pure Micellar cleansing water, currently on offer for just £3.33 at Boots (usually £4.99).  First of all, I think this is an absolute steal considering this is a 500ml bottle, and it even claims up to 200 uses... that's almost 6 months of using every single day (without accounting for those lazy days when pants are too much effort let alone makeup or cleansing).  Secondly, micellar waters are such an efficient product - with a few swipes of this on a cotton pad, my makeup literally melts away.  It's a godsend for removing heavy eye makeup, and I also love that this product is non-greasy, compared with some other eye makeup removers that I've tried, like the Loreal Dermo-Expertise eye makeup remover.  It's also a dream for removing foundation, and leaves your face feeling incredibly fresh and clean.  This is also a great alternative to a lotion cleanser, which I find can be a lot more labour intensive, requiring more product to do the job and often leaving a slightly greasy residue.

 After cleansing with micellar water, this moisturising lotion from Cetaphil is your best friend.  Although this is a little more pricey, at £8.99 (however this was recently on offer for £5.99, so look out for promotions), I cannot begin to explain how long this is going to last me.  The bottle itself is 236ml, which is massive compared to the standard 30-50ml moisturisers I usually buy.  In addition, this is so hydrating that again, a little goes such a long way, especially if you don't have particularly dry skin to start off with.  I find I only need half a pump, rarely more.  Another thing I love about this is the bottle itself - it's so handy to have a pump applicator, and I find myself using it constantly for my hands too, as it's so fast absorbing.  Since using at-home salycylic acid treatments on my face (for more on that, click here to see my full post), I've found my face has been getting quite dry, especially living in windy old Brighton.  For dry or sensitive skin types, I cannot recommend this moisturiser enough.  It's fragrance free, non-comedogenic and is specially formulated to 're-hydrate damaged skin associated with common skin conditions and following dermatological treatments.'  For a functional, no-frills, great value and super-hydrating facial moisturiser, the search is over.

Has anyone else tried either of these products?  What did you think?  

Ruby x