Thursday, 31 March 2016

Using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as Makeup Brush Cleanser

One of the things which is always on my to-do list, yet rarely seems to get done, is washing my makeup brushes.  I don't know what it is about this small, menial task, but it seems to take me days and days to psyche myself up for this job.  Having previously always used whatever I could get my hands on to wash my makeup brushes, - usually either hand or face wash, or sometimes standard shampoo - I recently came across an article (which I now can't for the life of me find) advocating Johnson's Baby Shampoo as the perfect inexpensive and effective product to use for cleaning brushes.  
I love any excuse to try something new, and if it meant I was going to start paying a bit more attention to my poor brushes, then good.  I picked it up in a 300ml size, I'm not sure if they come smaller, but this was £2.09 in Superdrug and having just checked online it's currently £1 in Tesco.  I think price wise, you can't really argue against that for value for money.  As you might expect with baby shampoo it's fairly gentle, and lightly scented, but still cleaned my brushes an absolute treat.  

When washing my brushes, I fill up a basin with hot water, chuck all my brushes in along with a lashing of the shampoo, and shake them around for a bit.  Then I'll do each brush individually, cleaning them on my inside palm using a little bit more baby shampoo for each brush and gently swirling the brushes, then rinsing, and repeating until the water runs clean.

All in all, it probably takes me under 10 minutes - the cat's out the bag now and I've no more excuses not to be regularly washing my brushes.  Once I've given them all the individual once-over I lay them out on a towel and leave them overnight to dry naturally. 

I've been really happy with using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it's a simple, cheap and cheerful product that works perfectly well for cleaning brushes.  How does my method compare to how you clean your makeup brushes?  

Ruby x