Friday, 1 July 2016

Lips of the Month: Jolis Matins

First of all - wow!  I can't believe it's been over a year since I started this blog.  Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me so far, and for new readers, welcome to my funny little corner of the internet.  

I thought I'd kick things off this month with my favourite lip shade of the moment.  Disclaimer: it was a bit of a splurge.  

This lovely little shade is called 'Jolis Matins' (shade 106M) and is one from Lancôme's Rouge In Love range. These are certainly a little steep at £22 a pop...

...however, if you fancy treating yourself, they really are great.  These give a glossy, lustrous colour that isn't too full bodied but not too sheer either.  The formula is surprisingly moisturising as well as long-lasting and the packaging is princess-worthy. 

I've really been getting into this shade as a really wearable, day-to-day colour.  It's so easy and quick to apply because it's not too highly pigmented, and is the perfect addition to a minimal makeup look - I like to wear it with just a wave of mascara and a bit of foundation. 

Do you have any favourite high-end lipsticks?

Ruby x