Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sunburnt Flower Child

Why hello, and hope you're not too hot.  It's been 32 degrees in the south of England today which just feels like complete and utter madness - maybe I won't need to worry about going on a sunny getaway this summer?!  That would be a good thing too, since my laptop has decided, finally, to pack up (completely and utterly... I can't even turn it on).  I'm currently unsure whether or not my hard drive is still salvageable, and being the 90s girl that I am I was most certainly not computer savvy enough to back anything up.  And I mean anything.  

It wouldn't be so bad, apart from the fact I really do rely on my laptop for the internship I'm doing at the moment.  As in, of the 8 hours between 9-5pm, around 95% of that time is spent on my laptop - no biggie.  Oh, and it's around £850 for a new one.

Okay, whinge is over.  I had the nicest weekend, anyway (before my laptop broke).  It was such beautiful weather, and Josh came to Brighton for the weekend, so on Saturday we ventured out to town bright and early and made our way to the beach... cue a rather random selection of photos.  

Being ever so slightly reckless, I wore no suncream - which was a mistake.  Lying on the beach for 2 hours without suncream at the best of times always ends in disaster, especially when it's the first sun my white, white shoulders have seen all year.  

Dress - H&M Coachella range / Denim shirt - car boot sale / Sandals - H&M
Bag - Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses - French Connection

On the plus side, the only reason I didn't get totally singed was thanks to this big denim shirt.  Denim is always pretty much my favourite thing, and I especially love big shirts in summer as a cover up from the sun/modesty protector.  I'm pretty sure I picked this one up from a car boot sale, but other good places to look out for them are charity shops, jumble sales or vintage stores.  

As for the dress, it's an H&M oldie from last year, and I absolutely love it.  The colours and print are great, and the cut is also really good - super comfy and nice and breezy (lol, can you tell from my face) for super hot days.  

Don't forget your suncream, kids (see below for moody, burnt me).  

Ruby x