Monday, 8 August 2016

Brighton Pride 2016: Photo Diary

I'm so excited and happy to be sharing all of these photos in what is probably going to be the biggest photo diary this blog has seen yet...  This was the first Brighton Pride I've been to, despite having lived close to the city all my life, and it's safe to say I've never been to an event quite like this one!  

The parade started at 11am in Hove - pretty early, especially as we had been celebrating a belated birthday for my housemate Bex the night before!  But we managed to drag ourselves out of bed (before 9 at least) to start getting ready.  I love any excuse to dress up, and the Pride crowd certainly didn't disappoint - think Joseph's technicolour dream coat times a thousand, then double again and you'll be halfway there (you'll have to see it for yourself).

We headed out into the streets just after midday and caught the parade as it came down London road. I've never known Brighton like it - there was this feeling of immense elation, and well, pride in the air that is so impossible to describe... but the feeling was so contagious.   

The parade began with a tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting, accompanied by a beautifully peaceful hush as we all blinked in the glorious sunshine.    

It must have lasted at least an hour and a half, and the streets were packed.  Floats from all sorts of organisations and companies went past, including the likes of Virgin, Tesco, Pepperami... 

...and there were more wacky and wonderful costumes than you could shake a stick at.  I don't think I've ever said 'wow' so many times within such a short space of time as I did that day! 

Once the parade was over, we decided to embark on a trip down the street to get some food and drinks to keep us topped up for the day - this was easier said than done.  I ended up leading the way in my rainbow wings, flag held high, feeling a little bit like a tour guide leading a group of tipsy tourists.  

We met up with Josh and some of my friends from home for a bit in the afternoon outside St Peter's church to soak up some sun (a little too much for me if I'm honest, I was looking pretty tomato-ey by this point) before heading up to Preston Park for the festival itself...

... stopping along the way for a little sit down... in a pram (as you do).

All in all we had a great Pride - never have I laughed so much, sung so horribly, danced so clumsily and felt so happy in my life.  I love Brighton, and I'm so proud to be part of such a vibrant, diverse and accepting city.  

Ruby x