Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Gel Nails: the Lowdown

I'm pretty sure gel nails took the world by storm a long time ago.  But for me, they're a new phenomena and I have to say I am so in LOVE with them that I couldn't not share it with you all.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I really do enjoy sitting down and painting my nails, but when things are busy, I don't really have the time to sit down for 20 minutes to paint them...then sit down for a further 40 minutes while they dry... then get really really sad when I try and do something (like go to the toilet) after and realise they're still not dry and have to deal with having one horribly deformed looking nail.

I also hate having chipped nail varnish - especially with my term time job, working at the Co-Op store we have on our uni campus, my nails get chipped and broken so quickly.  I tended to keep them short just because it wasn't worth the heartbreak/pain of constantly breaking nails at work while trying to rip my way into giant cardboard boxes with my bare hands (box cutters are few and far between at my work - retail workers will understand).  

BUT - gel nails have kept my nails so incredibly strong.  It's like having a little tortoiseshell on the back of each nail that saves it from all harm.  Since first getting gels, which must be about 6 or 7 weeks ago now, I haven't broken one nail - and both gel manicures I have had stayed entirely chip free and didn't peel either.  This means it can last, well, basically forever.  I left mine 3 and a bit weeks before getting them redone in the lovely nude you can see above, but I could've easily left it another week or two without the regrowth being too obvious.

Above is a pic taken on my phone when I first got this new set done exactly two weeks ago by my long-time pal Fleur who is also, conveniently, an incredibly talented nail technician.  Her Instagram is something else and definitely worth checking out if you're interested in nails - there's some pretty eye-goggling stuff on there @nailsbyfleur_.

And below... the same set two weeks on.

As you can see - still pretty as a picture, just that much longer.  Gel nails are something I would 100% recommend to anyone - they're so practical!

Has anyone else had gel nails before?  What do you guys think of them?

Ruby x