Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Unboxing and Impressions: Beats Solo Wireless Headphones

As you may or may not know from some of my previous posts, a few weeks ago the unthinkable happened, and my beloved 2012 Macbook Pro bit the dust.  What ensued was a very stressful week: first up, I visited the Apple Store, where I was told the laptop would cost between £200-£500 to fix, and had been caused by mysterious 'liquid damage'.   I knew exactly what the liquid damage was... 3 months or so prior, whilst I was in the midst of essay writing madness, I managed to spill almost an entire cup of tea over my keyboard.  I naively thought I had got away with it, but evidently not.

So that was the prelude to me buying a new Mac - and with it, thanks to Unidays, I also got student discount and a set of Beats Solo headphones for free, apparently worth £202 (?!).  

I think Beats have generally received mixed reviews; but I don't think anyone can deny they've done a great job on branding, and this begins with the packaging.

Big claims, right?  

I chose mine in rose gold even though it's not a colour I would normally go for at all.  At first look, despite having seen Beats before, I was pretty impressed. 

They're very lightweight and highly adjustable, and sit comfortably.  I've never owned a pair of headphones (as opposed to earphones) before and I've really been enjoying not having a speaker literally in my ear.  

They're also incredibly compact and fold neatly to fit in the little case which is included.  Another thing which previously had put me off headphones was the thought of either having to carry them round with me in my bag, or having to wear them around my neck constantly.  But luckily the people at Beats have obviously thought about that and come up with a solution.  

Probably the best thing about these, for me, is the fact that they're wireless.  They come with a USB charger and when fully charged can last up to 12 hours, connecting to your phone through Bluetooth.  I find this especially handy for doing exercise (on the rare occasion I actually do it), because you don't have headphone wires trailing everywhere or your earphones falling out.  

In terms of sound quality, obviously I'm no expert, but I'm certainly more than happy.  They cancel a relative amount of noise from outside, and can go impressively loud.  I've actually really been enjoying walking more since I got these, too - I can put on some good tunes and get a pace going like never before.

I have to say, I don't know if I ever would've invested in these myself, as they are such a big investment!  But I was never going to say no to a freebie, and for me they are more than adequate.  If you're a student and thinking of investing in a Mac, I would definitely recommend using Unidays to nab yourselves a free pair of these too!  

Has anyone else used Beats headphones or any other products before?  What did you think?


Ruby x