Saturday, 27 August 2016

Urban Summer

Before I write anything more, I should probably clear up that your eyes are not deceiving you, and there is in fact a huge bruise on my thigh, in case you were wondering... I have no idea how it happened, all I know is I woke up last Saturday morning with an enormous red addition to my left leg.  Luckily, it's healing up quite well - soon I could probably convince people it's a shadow instead of having to mutter in embarrassment that yes it is a bruise, and no i have no idea how it got there.   Anyhow - I recently popped into Urban Outfitters, always a dangerous choice for my bank account...

...and picked up these b-e-a-utiful blue patterned shorts, for a bargain £18.  It's taken me a good while to realise that, as much as I love skirts, for me, they're a highly, highly impractical choice of clothing.  All it takes is the slightest gust of wind for a Marilyn moment, and frankly, I think people could do without seeing my derriere at any given time.  These shorts are the perfect hybrid: nice and swingy, providing all the comfort of a breezy skirt whilst still protecting my dignity.

 Sunglasses - CK Jeans (TK Maxx) /  Body - Urban Outfitters / Bag - Urban Outfitters (old) 
Shorts - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - New Look (similar styles here and here)

I also couldn't resist getting this simple, slinky white body.  I can't find the exact one online, but I've found a good substitute here, which also comes in conveniently at the £10 mark (if you can't tell already, I really love a good sale).  This is a lovely soft cotton material, and quite sheer, cut to plunge at each side so you can show off your fanciest bralette, if you so desire.  

 I picked up these adorable Dorothy-esque red lace ups quite a few months ago in New Look for a bargain £7 - I couldn't quite believe my luck!  Having not been sure about them initially, I've already got so much wear out of these babies.  The colour is actually really easy to pair with almost anything - I particularly love matching these with boyfriend jeans (a vast proportion of my wardrobe) or pleather leggings.    

I wish I could tell you this was the extent of my trip to Urban Outfitters, but alas, this outfit is only a small chapter in the book of my spending habits in that store.  Watch this space, the next instalment is coming soon...

Ruby x