Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Incredible Lash Treatment

A few months ago I was watching one of Inthefrow's videos on what she's 'had done' in terms of beauty and cosmetic treatments, and it was in the video that I first heard of the LVL lash lift.  LVL stands for length volume and lift, and it is a treatment designed to give just that to your lashes.  I began to read a little more about it, and became increasingly curious about trying it out for myself...

... and my upcoming holiday to Athens in Greece (I'm leaving on Tuesday, eek!) seemed like the perfect excuse to get them done.

I was really, really happy with my results: a relaxing but quick and relatively inexpensive treatment that made my natural lashes look longer, darker and thicker - amazing! 

Location and price: I got mine done at Glorious Spa in Chichester, where the treatment was on introductory offer for a bargain £30, but the treatment seems to have become pretty popular and I've seen it popping up in salons all over the place.  Having had individual lash extensions in the past, I loved the way they made my eyes look, but the upkeep was too much.  I found lash extensions would last me an absolute maximum of just over 2 weeks before I'd need them done again, which would generally take at least an hour - and cost a bomb.  I think the LVL is a great and more affordable alternative to lash extensions, and also looks far more natural.  

The treatment: I went in for a patch test a couple of days before to make sure I wasn't allergic to any of the products they were going to use - this is essential, especially as it's being put on your eyes!  Similarly to getting extensions, you must not wear eye makeup, and they first apply a shield to cover your lower lashes and keep them out of the way.  A shield is also applied on top of your eyelid, and you have your eyes closed for the whole procedure.  Several different formulas are applied to your lashes and they are curled upwards from the root, similarly to a lash perm, and dyed black.  The treatment itself is quite relaxing, as long as you don't mind people touching your eyes.  Although compared to getting extensions, there is a lot less work from the beauty therapist and more work done by the products themselves - it seems to be a lot less fiddly and intricate than extensions, too! 

I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos, which were taken a few hours after the treatment...

 ...yet my eyelashes look almost as they would if I was wearing mascara!  

For me, the LVL was a great treatment that gave me amazing results that should last 6-8 weeks.  You can't get them wet for the first 48 hours, but after that you're free to go about your business as usual, and can use makeup products with them as normal too.  And the best thing is (unlike lash extensions), there's no damage to your lashes, either!  I can't wait to flutter them all over Greece...

Ruby x