Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Review: Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

Wow, what a title for a bloody mascara!  

I purchased this a little while ago and, to be honest, it's taken me a little while to gather my thoughts as to what I think of it.  If you can't tell by now, I'm a serial mascara buyer and tryer.  Maybelline isn't usually a brand I would go for but something about the idea of an 'oil blend' mascara sounded far too inviting to pass up... it had me thinking healthy, shiny, natural looking lashes with more luscious-ness than you can shake a stick at. 

And I guess, that wasn't too far from the truth.  The formula is very black, and quite liquidy, making for quick and easy application.  The wand itself is contoured slightly, with short plastic bristles.  I find for my eye shape, the wand is a little cumbersome - I can't really get into the corners of my eyes without also accidentally getting my eyelids - but I guess this a case-by-case problem depending on your own eye shape!

In terms of results, I think this mascara is great for a slightly more dramatic look, and for me, is perfect for wear in the evenings.  It gives plenty of length and volume, has good staying power and is easy to remove. 

 It is also quite buildable, besides being a little prone to clumping - but that's nothing a spoolie (a brow/lash comb - who'd have known there was a word for that?!) can't fix.  

All in all, for £7.99 a pop, this isn't half bad at all.  Has anyone else tried Maybelline mascaras?  Or been sucked in by some clever branding eg. 'oil blend', haha!


Ruby x


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review: YSL Touche Éclat le Teint Foundation

Over the years, I've tried out my fair share of foundations.  I first started wearing foundation when I was in my early teens (as a way of combating those inevitable smatterings of pubescent spots), and although I couldn't put my finger on exactly which brands I started off using, I have a sneaking suspicion it would've been in the price range of Boots' 'Natural Collection' - so, no more than around £1.99.  Flash forward almost 10 years and I have no shame in confessing to purchasing my most 'high-end' foundation yet - YSL's Touche Éclat le Teint Foundation, which came in at £32.50 from Boots. 

Everything about YSL has a luxurious feel to it: from the gold lettering to the cool, round bottle, to the formula of the foundation itself, the entire experience breathes an effortless sophistication.  The bottle features a small pump at the top, and I find one to one and a half pumps is plenty to cover my entire face in a light layer.  The formula is water based and silky, giving a luminous, hydrated finish, even without using primer.  

As you may already know, my favourite types of foundations are lightweight, buildable, luminous formulas, that feel weightless on the skin, giving a 'soft filter' effect.  For me, this foundation ticks all those boxes.


After: (one light layer applied with a damp beauty blender)

As you can see from these pictures, one layer provides a light, soft coverage that gives a lovely subtle luminosity to the skin, and feels almost as though you're wearing nothing at all.  It blends in wonderfully; especially using a damp beauty blender, and I have also found it is very effective when layered for heavier coverage looks.  I can't fault the staying power of this foundation either.  Even if I apply it at 8am and don't get home until midnight, YSL has me covered - literally.  My skin stays hydrated all day, the formula doesn't shift.  All round, £32.50 well spent.  


Has anyone else tried any high-end foundations?  Were they worth it?

Ruby x