Thursday, 17 November 2016

Coveting the Cape

Every time I wear this cape I have this hilarious mental image of an even more miniature Edna Mode from The Incredibles shouting 'no capes!!!' frantically at me.  But for me, a cape is just about the best thing since hot tea and carrot cake in terms of seeing me through Autumn.  Wearing one is a little bit like wearing a big woolly picnic blanket over your shoulders, except you feel ten times classier and look far less ridiculous.

Cape - TK Maxx / Top - Zara / Pinafore - New Look / Boots - TK Maxx 
Bag - Urban Outfitters (similar)

I've found this one to be so versatile, too.  It's the perfect accompaniment to jeans, skirts and pinafores alike, trousers or leggings and looks equally good with smarter boots or an old pair of favourite trainers.  Capes are great for layering in colder weather, particularly over things like denim or leather jackets for that extra layer of comfort and warmth.  

For a great selection of capes, I cannot recommend TK Maxx enough.  I got mine last year for around £20 and have managed to get so much wear out of it already.  As long as you're determined, that place can be a goldmine!

Ruby x