Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pizza date @ Franco Manca Brighton

October, where did you go?! Apologies for my lack of... well, anything.  To be frank, third year is actually quite hard, and blogging has had to take a little bit of a back seat.  But I'm hoping now I'm settled back into the routine I can manage to keep up with at least a couple of posts a month.  You might just have to be a little patient with me.

I turned 21 on the weekend, and to kick things off my wonderful mother came to visit me in Brighton for the day on Friday.  We had tickets to the TEDx Brighton conference (if you haven't heard of the TED talks go and have a little search on YouTube, they're great) which was, in a nutshell, amazing.  However it was a considerably long day - we met at the train station at 7.30am before grabbing a coffee and heading into the Dome for the day to begin.  By the lunch break at midday we were both starving, and headed out on the hunt for something cheesy and delicious.

And Franco Manca was where we ended up!  I had wanted to go here for ages, having heard from everyone that it was one of the best places in Brighton for pizza.  Italian wouldn't usually be my first choice, however, anything with sourdough in the name and I'm there.  All of the pizzas at Franco Manca are made on a stonebaked sourdough base.  There are 7 to choose from, and every day there are two specials (one meat, one veggie) as well as special additional toppings, starters and a dessert.  The service was efficient and the staff chirpy, the food speedy, delicious and really reasonably priced - you're looking at around £6/£7 for a generously proportioned wheel of goodness.   

 The restaurant itself is light, airy and filled with beautiful smells of cooking carbohydrates.  

...(hence my happy face)...

If you're ever in Brighton and craving pizza, I can't recommend Franco Manca more.  Bellissimo!  

Ruby x