Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Dad Jumper

First things first - congratulations, we made it to December, advent is here and it's only 22 days until the big C!!!  Christmas is undoubtedly one of my favourite times of year.  I love any kind of celebration, but especially Christmas as its the perfect excuse to wear ridiculous jumpers, glittery shoes (I've already bought the perfect pair for this year) and eat 14 sausage rolls in a row with little to no judgement (only if you like)... 

This kind of outfit is a bit of a go-to for me in Winter.  I seem to live in oversized jumpers and boots from mid October to March, and shirts - well, I'm not me without a shirt, whatever time of the year.  This jumper is actually my Pa's, hence the title of this blog post, and is one of those I always end up borrowing when I'm back in my hometown for a weekend.  Does anyone else find it's usually men's jumpers that are the comfiest?  

As for this beautiful bag, I'm going to apologise right now as this was a charity shop find... and it only set me back £4.99.  I know.  For me, it's the perfect size and colour, excellent quality, adjustable - it's the bag of dreams and I don't think it'll be leaving my shoulder any time soon.  

This jacket is one I also picked up in a charity shop nearby where I live in Brighton, also for just a fiver (despite being 100% silk and by All Saints).  I've been wearing it far more than I originally thought I would, especially with the weather getting colder, but it's surprisingly warm and conveniently lightweight so can fit into the smallest of handbags in case shopping trips (etc.) get a bit heated.  

Shirt - TK Maxx (Moss Copenhagen) /  Jumper - Dad's wardrobe / Bag & Jacket - Charity Shop 
Jeans - New Look / Boots - TK Maxx / Lipstick - Shroom by LimeCrime

For now, it's over and out from me - let the Christmas feasting begin! 

Ruby x