Tuesday, 10 January 2017

In Check

Hello darlings!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's.  I had a lovely laid-back couple of weeks of half-hearted essay writing and kicking back with family and friends, resulting in a rather stressful beginning to my year as I tried to finish off four assessments in five days.  However.  All is well, deadlines are behind me and I've got a few weeks now of relative peace and quiet before I begin my final term of uni.  Eeek!




This beautiful leather effect backpack is one of the latest additions to my wardrobe and was a Christmas gift from my parents.  Funnily enough, I had spotted it in the TK Maxx in Chichester way back in November, not bought it, and asked my Mum a few days later to go back and see if it was still there since I couldn't stop thinking about it but wouldn't be back in Chichester for a while.  I was pretty heart broken when she said it wasn't there anymore, so imagine my surprise when it turned out she had bought it for me and kept it secret!

This longline check shirt-jacket hybrid is also a TK Maxx find (can you tell I've got a thing for that place?).  It's from a brand called Native Youth and I picked it up for a bargain £14.99.  Wearing it in winter definitely requires an extra thermal at a minimum, although it's one of those gloriously slouchy fitting pieces meaning that you can get away with wearing plenty of layers underneath and not looking like the Michelin man.  I layered mine with a silvery coloured slinky hoodie from Zara.

The trainers are an old Adidas pair I got at least a couple of years ago.  They're still easily the comfiest pair of shoes I own, and go perfectly with casual, sportier looks.  

 T-Shirt - Zara / Hoodie - Zara / Jacket - Native Youth (TK Maxx) / Jeans - New Look
Trainers - Adidas / Bag - Fiorelli (TK Maxx)

Hope January is treating everyone well.  Wrap up warm (ironic coming from the girl who wears ripped jeans and a flimsy cotton jacket in the middle of winter)...!

Ruby x