Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Day in Austria

Part two of our girly weekend in Munich didn't actually involve Munich, funnily enough.  Instead, we again heaved ourselves out of bed and hopped in the car to drive south east into Austria.  And then back over the German border briefly to make our first stop at the Dokumentation Obersalzburg, above, a museum which 'serves to reflect on the National Socialist past'.  It's free for students, takes around 1-2 hours to look round, and is well worth a look. 

Following the museum, we drove another 40 minutes or so to get to Salzburg in Austria, where Chiara's grandparents live.  

We were met with a thick, fresh blanket of snow and a mountain range backdrop.  

After filling up on steamy goulash for lunch, we headed into the town for a look around.

Salzburg seemed to me to be one of those places where you can easily spend a couple of hours just walking around and taking everything in.  

Again, there are some pretty impressive churches, if that's your thing.

 And a rather fancy Spar?!  Who would've known that in Germany these are borderline luxury convenience stores.  This one featured a deli counter, selection of fine wines, sold fresh pastries and fruit... a far cry from the UK's Spar offerings. 

We finished the day by walking across one of the bridges in the city, which was covered in love locks, before heading home, ordering pizza, and watching a film - classic.  

Ruby x