Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dress-ing it down

Anyone who knows me will probably also know I'm not really a dress girl.  It's certainly something I've become painfully aware of in the last couple of weeks, as I've been searching for something graduation worthy - in vain, might I add.  

But, from time to time I do stumble across something I like.  And of course I found this one in Urban Outfitters!

I've always liked the look of longer dresses, but found it quite tricky to find styles which aren't too floaty but also aren't too form-fitting - I want the freedom to eat all the ice cream and nobody know about it, you see.  This one's the perfect hybrid, made with a slinky material that fits a bit closer in all the right places.

I also love that it has this sexy little side split which isn't too impractical because it only goes to just above the knee - wonderful.  

And, more importantly, this is one of those dresses that you don't have to dress up for.  I love this with sandals and a big shirt, equally with trainers and denim jacket... there's loads of ways you can style something like this (of course you could also go for heels and a snazzy jacket).  I got this particular shirt from the Brighton laines for a fiver, and so far it's been my most worn Spring purchase.

Dress - Urban Renewal @ UO / Bag - BrandAlley / Shirt - Vintage
Sunglasses - TK Maxx (Derek Lam) / Sandals - H&M (suuuuper old)

 Update on the bag - still holding up fairly well!  And I'm loving it.  My slight qualm would be the suede has worn pretty quick and gets grubby, but what kind of an idiot buys suede thinking it'll stay clean... me, perhaps.

Have a fab weekend darlings,

Ruby x