Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Orange-Copper Eye-Catcher

I'm not usually one for makeup trends - but the burnt orange, smoky red or even popping tangerine eyeshadow looks I have seen here there and everywhere recently have really caught my attention.

However, as with all trends, I've also been (only slightly) reluctant to go out and buy a shit load of orange-hued palettes in case come the end of summer everyone's back to more subtle daytime looks.  What I have instead invested in is just a couple of products - this awesome mascara in 'Warm Up' from MAC (a la the wonderful Megan Ellaby), and B.'s vibrant eye shimmer in Copper.  This was only very recently discontinued at Superdrug, as they're re-launching the range, but it's a glossy, creamy eye colour with gold sparkles.      

Combined, they create this gorgeous (yet not too) wild orange eye look.

The thing I love about the B eye shimmers is that they're so easy to use, and also really buildable, so you can use them all over the lid and simply apply more where you want better colour intensity.  I literally threw a load of this onto my eyelids, did a bit of winged liner on top and was good to go - no faffing around with palettes or multiple shades (or even brushes - your index finger is as good as any brush with this kind of product).

But the real eye catcher is the mascara - a nice thick coating of classic black on the top lashes, combined with the awesome bright orange shade from MAC.  

Paired with pretty much any nudey brown lipstick - the one I wore is also from B., in the shade 'Toffee' - this look is a winner, if I do say so myself.  What are your thoughts?

Ruby x