Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kiko Tropic Heat Dewy Stick: Review

With the weather gradually getting warmer, I'm reaching far less for beaming pearlescent highlighters, and going more for a subtle 'glow' with my makeup looks.  In summer I prefer to go more minimal and natural in terms of makeup, and I've recently been trying out this Tropic Heat Dewy Stick from Kiko as an alternative to my MAC Cream Colour Base

This product comes in at £7.90, so fairly affordable, and as with most of the Kiko products I love the simple, ergonomic yet stylish packaging.  The product applies easily, and gives a dewy, almost slightly wet look to the skin depending on how heavily you apply it.  It's completely uncoloured (which I really like) and has no shimmer or glitter to it, which I'm also a big fan of.  

My main qualm with the dewy stick would be that it can shift foundation quite badly if you're not careful with it - you can't be too heavy handed, in spite of the fact that its effect is quite subtle.  It does also feel ever so slightly sticky on the skin... but to be honest this was something I had expected, especially with a main ingredient being beeswax. 

All in all, gives a natural, sunny glow to the skin.  For £7.90, not too bad at all.  What do you guys think?

Ruby x