About Me

Hi there and welcome to Another Ruby Tuesday!  I'm Ruby, a 21 year old student currently bouncing around the south of England - but mainly residing in Brighton.  I have been writing in different ways shapes and forms pretty much since I learned the alphabet.  While I was in primary school, I loved writing stories and I have a fair few mini 'novels' in my bookshelf that I indeed wrote myself.  Admittedly, I do only keep them for comedic value... I religiously wrote in diaries whilst in my early teens,  and having learned piano from a young age began writing songs when I was around 10 years old.  Having been in and out of a few different bands but mainly performing my songs on my own while in my late teens, when I went to uni I pretty much stopped writing music.  I started writing in diaries again, writing about how I missed my boyfriend Josh, reflecting on all the cool shit I was learning, or which housemate had pissed me off this week.  I began dabbling in some creative writing again and poetry, and as the end of the year began to approach my thoughts turned to the long and looming summer.  Writing had always been almost like a form of therapy for me - I wrote songs about boys that were mean to me, I wrote poems when I was feeling poo about myself, I wrote stories because I thought my own life was boring - no matter what I did, it was always there for me.  A truly bizarre relationship, but one very close to my heart. 

And so, having thought about it for many months, and failed a few times in the past, I thought I would spend my summer kick-starting the creation of a blog where I can write about some of the things I love wearing, doing, buying, eating, thinking and writing about.  These are the humble beginnings of my creation - please take a moment to make a cuppa, sit down and have a paroosle...and don't forget to let me know what you think by leaving a comment.  

Lots and lots of love,
Ruby x